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Thursday , 12 July 2018

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by Stewart C Baker

Fiction writing is often presented as an intensely solitary pursuit, but look at the end of a published novel some time and you’ll see the author thank at least a dozen people for their help. And then there’s co-authoring…

There are as many different ways to share authorship of a story as there are combinations of people. Some prefer to split up the tasks of writing, with one author creating an outline that the other drafts from, or vice versa. Others might draft every other scene, or only write a particular character’s sections, and so on.

The benefits of co-authoring are potentially great: Each writer has a chance to learn new habits and strategies, and brainstorming can go much more quickly with two people involved. But, as with any kind of partnership, it’s important to establish early on how the relationship is going to work. Making assumptions about the writing process and your expectations for your co-author can lead to misunderstandings and stress, and has the potential to end friendships and scuttle careers.

Ideally, before you even start writing you and your new co-author will come to an understanding on how you’ll handle all the fine details of writing, submitting, and selling your work. Here are a few of the questions you may wish to consider:

No matter how you and your new co-author answer these questions (and even if you don’t), the discussion will likely teach both of you something new about the craft of writing. In the short term, it’s likely to make your collaboration more successful, as well.


Stewart C Baker is an academic librarian, speculative fiction writer, and occasional haikuist. His fiction has appeared in , , , and , among other places. Stewart was born in England, has lived in South Carolina, Japan, and California (in that order), and currently resides in Oregon with his family­­—although if anyone asks, he’ll usually say he’s from the Internet.

How to Write with a Co-author

What are your writing processes? How do they differ? What are you going to write? Who will do what? What’s your timeline? What if it fails?

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After having never collaborated on fiction before, I’m undertaking two such projects — one a short story, the other a novel. This article reassures me that I’m on the right track.

Good luck to you and your co-authors, Dave! Let us know how they turn out.

I have already written a book but consider it unfinished as it needs more finesse and better (more thorough) visual descriptions and a bit more spice. If I wanted to find a co-author to help wrap up this fantasy book to make it worth publishing, where would be the best place to start?

When a down-on-his-luck young tech entrepreneur discovers a secret basement lab housing a mysterious device, his world begins to unravel as he embarks on a terrifying journey that asks fundamental questions about reality and free will.

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Therefore, the following would warrant an acknowledgement in the manuscript:

Funding bodies should NEVER be co-authors, unless the research question or project was developed by the funding body. For example an NGO who provided funding for a sociological survey to investigate a specific hypothesis they wished testing, would probably warrant co-authorship for the person who came up with the research question.

For a funding body that did not contribute intellectually to the paper to insist on co-authorship is not ethical. Likewise a department, institution or organisation leader who did not contribute to the intellectual content of the paper insisting that they be listed as a co-author is also not being ethical. Moreover,deliberately leaving off someone who qualifies for co-authorship (as noted in the list above) is unethical.

If an article comes from a student’s thesis or dissertation, it is usually the case that they should be the first author. Quite frankly, if they don’t warrant being first author then the material doesn’t warrant being in the thesis/dissertation. The only exception might be minor side projects that the student was substantially involved with, although not the lead on, that are peripheral to the main thesis/dissertation. For example, a lab technician devisesa novel methodology for genetic analysis that the PhD student pilotsand a paper is published on this new technique. The paper that describe this methodology might include the student, but should really be first-authored by the technician. In such a case, the thesis/dissertation should clearly highlight the leading role the technician played in work should the material be included. Many universities now have a thesis/dissertation format which is essentially a portfolio of manuscripts that have been, or will soon be, submitted for publication, with each given a list of authors, rather than the traditional chapter-based format. Such a format makes it easier for side project exemption to be included in a thesis/dissertation.

Although this article hopes to be useful, it shouldn’t be considered a definitive guide to co-authorship. Via Spiga Womens Yovela Ballet Flat Nude Leather NMIkik
provides several examples of authorship guidelines used by various professional societies, and is another useful source of advice, as is preismeister wellies wellington work FN4DP2U

I developed these co-authorship guidelines to help students after I heard of a case where a student’s thesis advisor unethically insisted that they (the advisor) be the first author on a manuscript that was derived from thestudent’sthesis. I also developed the guidelines because of an experience I had where I had spent considerable time (>2 years) developing a research project, wrote the grant applications, set up the data collection protocol and secured funding, but was “ghosted” and excluded from any of the resulting papers by a senior scientist. Now I’m adamant that young scientists don’t find themselves in similar positions that could damage their fledgling research careers, like I was and …because ghost author busting makes me feel good!

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Hexagonal grids are used in some games but aren’t quite as straightforward or common as square grids. I’ve been VogueZone009 Womans Closed Pointed Toe High Heel Spikes Stilettos Suede Frosted Solid Pumps with NonSlipping Sole Black 25 UK AvzcBTH
for over 20 years, and wrote this guide to the most elegant approaches that lead to the simplest code, largely based on the guides by Summer Women Slipper Sandals OQpKdctRxi
and Hassia Womens Fashion Sandals U0vOxV
. I’ll describe the various ways to make hex grids, the relationships between them, as well as some common algorithms. Most parts of this page are interactive.

The code samples on this page are written in pseudo-code; they’re meant to be easy to read and understand. Under Armour Mens Speedtire Ascent Low Running Shoes True Ink/Rhino Gray 61Pow
has code in C++, Javascript, C#, Python, Java, Typescript, and more.

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Hexagons are 6-sided polygons. hexagons have all the sides the same length. I’ll assume all the hexagons we’re working with here are regular. The typical orientations for hex grids are vertical columns () and horizontal rows ().

Hexagons have 6 sides and 6 corners. Each side is shared by 2 hexagons. Each corner is shared by 3 hexagons. For more about centers, sides, and corners, see Nine West Womens Chameleon Slingback Sandal Black Fabric aL82Ve8
(squares, hexagons, and triangles).

In a regular hexagon the interior angles are 120°. There are six “wedges”, each an equilateral triangle with 60° angles inside. Each corner is units away from the . In code:

To fill a hexagon, gather the polygon vertices at through . To draw a hexagon outline, use those vertices, and then draw a line back to .

The difference between the two orientations is a rotation, and that causes the angles to change: angles are 0°, 60°, 120°, 180°, 240°, 300° and angles are 30°, 90°, 150°, 210°, 270°, 330°. Note that the diagrams on this page use the y axis pointing (angles increase clockwise); you may have to make some adjustments if your y axis points up (angles increase counterclockwise).

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Next we want to put several hexagons together. In the pointy orientation, a hexagon has width and height . The sqrt(3) comes from sin(60°).

The horizontal distance between adjacent hexagon centers is . The vertical distance between adjacent hexagon centers is .

Some games use pixel art for hexagons that does not match an exactly regular polygon. The angles and spacing formulas I describe in this section won’t match the sizes of your hexagons. The rest of the article, describing algorithms on hex grids, will work even if your hexagons are stretched or shrunk a bit, and I explain on the
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how to handle stretching.

Now let’s assemble hexagons into a grid. With square grids, there’s one obvious way to do it. With hexagons, there are multiple approaches. I like cube coordinates for algorithms and axial or doubled for storage.

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